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Stop! Let's Team-Up!

Oct 31, 2021

Well Hello! T. Ross Aitken of the Gallifrey's Most Wanted team is branching out. Stop! Let's Team-Up! is a podcast about his favorite genre of comic books the Super Hero Team. Join him as talks about 1st appearances, story arcs, histories, creators, and roll calls of the great team books of all time. Hope you check...

Stop! Let's Team-Up! is coming soon!

Oct 23, 2021

T. Ross Aitken from @gallifeysMWPod and @runciblereport is launching a new comic book related podcast. This show will celebrate all aspects of the genre.  Stay tuned for episodes about 1st Appearances, histories, roll calls, creators, and major storylines, of teams from every publisher. He is excited to share his love...